Erika Grediaga

Film and TV Writer/Director


Born and raised in Mexico, moved to Los Angeles in the US in 2000 to attend UCLA and then AFI as a directing fellow. Graduated in 2004 with and MFA in Film Directing with “Anima” as my thesis film, a suspense-horror period piece short that deals with cloistered nuns in the Colonial period in Mexico. After working as a writer for TV for Univision and then Disney TVA, in 2010 I directed my first feature in Mexico, a Romantic Comedy starring Iran del Castillo and Lorenzo Balducci. It opened nationwide in Mexico in 2013. I did the adaptation and voice over directing of the Spanish version of Masha and the Bear for three seasons of the show. I also developed some social media campaigns for MiTú Network, and a social media campaign for Rompope Coronado USA. In 2017 I wrote and directed a short film for Crypt TV, which was shown on Facebook (3.4 million views) and Youtube (1.5 million views). I’m very versatile and my primary passion is the story. Currently I live with my family in Leuven, Belgium.